About Yellow Seed

Yellow Seed is creating a tool to facilitate small-scale farmers accessing fair markets and buyers sourcing ethical and sustainable products.

These small-scale farmers are the 2.6 billion people around the world who farm diverse crops on small plots of land. Many of these farmers are currently excluded from global supply chains, as modern markets are geared towards high volume production and mechanized efficiency.

Supporting these farmers is key to preserving biodiversity, providing quality food sources, and improving the economic health for our global communities. Conscious trade is our future.

the yellow seed model

how it works

Small-scale Farmers

Build relationships with buyers that ensure access to market at a fair price.

Send donors feedback on how to better allocate funding and link to a network of resources.

Preserve biodiversity by promoting traditional agro-ecological farming methods.

Buyers and Consumers

Build relationships with farmers and create quality standards.

Purchase directly from small-scale farmers who are often invisible in current market databases.

Contribute to community-wide dialogues around best practices for conscious trade.


Direct resources to farmers who are excluded from modern markets.

Receive real-time updates.

Participate in innovation challenges and voice ideas.


Who we are

Yellow Seed staff includes sustainable MBA graduates, international trade and development specialists, sourcing strategists, and conservation and humanitarian professionals. Our field team includes staff from development NGO's, agronomists, quality assurance specialists, community leaders and volunteers.

Why we exist

Yellow Seed is a non-profit, impact driven enterprise. We offer practical tools to enable the emergence of conscious trade. We act as stewards, connectors and facilitators. Yellow Seed is inspired by the desire to create tangible and successful models for how humans can collaborate to become more adaptable, diverse and resilient.

Nancy Zamierowski

Nancy Zamierowski, MBA

FOUNDER / Web Weaver

Nancy feels at home in the Amazon where she developed a passion for unique rainforest edibles and improving the lives of the communities who depend on forest resources. Her work at CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture) and a design background are pivotal foundations to the inspiration of Yellow Seed.

Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas, MBA

CHIEF CATALYST / Organizational Orchestrator

Amanda found the perfect blend of business, sustainability and food via an MBA in Sustainable Systems and a Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems Certificate from Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Passion for food policy, reducing food waste, and the water, energy and food nexus have guided her work across the West Coast.

Rowan Oloman

Rowan Oloman, MBA


Rowan has spent the last seven years leading humanitarian projects overseas while working with startups focused on catalyzing renewable energy. From BC, she brings a Master's degree in Natural Resource Management, an MBA in sustainable business and an excitement to be working on a project rooted in voice and choice.

Erika Logie

Erika Logie

DESIGN & CREATIVE / Graphic Goddess

Erika is a graphic and user interface designer who believes in the power of design as an incredible force for positive change. A passionate world traveler, she spent three years living in the jungles of Nicaragua. When she's not making things looks pretty, she can be found hula hooping, dancing or snuggling with her cats.

Alexis Powell Grossman

Alexis Powell Grossman

BUYER REPRESENTATIVE / Quality & Sourcing Trailblazer

Having recently returned from Central America where she was immersed in improving the process of small-scale cacao production, Alexis brings hands-on coffee and cacao origin experience to the team. Initiating transparency to support change and connectivity in food supply chains is at the core of what she does.

Shea Flaherty Betín

Shea Flaherty Betín


A Colombian immigrant and Berkeley Alum, Shea brings a passionate drive for coordination, transparency, and community voice. When not working towards changes to our international alimentary landscape, he studies new languages, donates time to grassroots environmental and human rights movements, and visits the farms of his enormous coastal Colombian family.

Lend your voice

Our prototype adapts to your input. If you'd like to participate while we're building, please submit your information below and we will be in touch to learn more about your perspective. Thanks!

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Yellow Seed HQ

Yellow Seed is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, and can sometimes be found in Peru, working with collaborating organizations.

PO Box 2802 Sebastopol, CA 95473


Yellow Seed is a project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE),
a registered public charity, which provides non-profit status.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible.